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Hewitt & Gilpin Join The Holywood Arches Business Association

Hewitt & Gilpin has maintained an active presence in East Belfast for over 30 years and, indeed, a number of its solicitors reside in the area. Hewitt & Gilpin was therefore delighted to join the Holywood Arches Business Association.

Hewitt & Gilpin Join The Holywood Arches Business Association

Graeme Hamilton, director of Hewitt & Gilpin, commented: “The last few years have been incredibly tough for all businesses of whatever hue, as recession has taken hold. East Belfast businesses have suffered disproportionately, not least as a result of disruption caused by political instability and the ‘flag protests’. Hewitt & Gilpin, as a local business with an office in East Belfast, welcomes the formation of a local business association and we are excited at the prospect of local businesses joining together and working collaboratively for the common good. We look forward to playing our part through the provision of important legal services”.

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